Ahmadinejad urges Majlis on 'easy' cabinet approval

With Iran's parliament evaluating cabinet nominees for a vote of confidence, the president urges lawmakers to pass their judgment based on a general trust in the nominees.

"It is my humble, brotherly demand from Majlis to trust their friend and brother and leave the issue of Cabinet's efficiency to the president … [they should only] examine the general competence [of the ministers]," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a pre-sermon speech to Friday prayer's worshippers in Tehran University.

Referring to the issue of a nightly raid on Tehran University dormitories on June 14, which was among controversial incidents in Iran's post-vote frenzy, President Ahmadinejad said, "The attack on (Tehran) University dorm and certain mistreatments in detention centers were foul deeds."

President Ahmadinejad added, however, that these act "were parts of the enemy's plot and were carried out by 'coup' elements and today we have clear evidence of the matter."

The Iranian president said the country's "security, military and intelligence forces are in the clear regarding such evil acts. Basij forces were beaten up in the streets with self-sacrifice."

President Ahmadinejad called on the country's security and judicial authorities for a severe punishment of those behind the post-election unrest that followed the June 12 vote.

"I call upon security and judicial officials to decisively and mercilessly deal with those who committed inhumane acts in the guise of friends [of the establishment] … since they inflicted damage on the people and tarnished the image of the establishment, security and polihment, security and police forces."

He went further to ask for a second favor, calling on the authorities to administer justice in dealing with those who "orchestrated and provoked" the unrest and instead treat those deceived in the course of the election with "Islamic compassion".

President Ahmadinejad said that Britain's foreign secretary had predicted the demise of the Iranian state in the aftermath of the June presidential election.

"One of the foreign ministers of friendly countries told us that when I asked the Old Colonialism's (United Kingdom) foreign secretary why they interfered in Iran's affairs, he answered that 'this time the time was up for the Islamic Republic system, and this time we have worked out everything'," Ahmadinejad said Friday.

"The whole world knows that in Iran, elections are fundamental matters, and, contrary to common democracies of the world, they are not a sham or previously arranged, but, with the presence and supervision of the people," he added.

The president said that unfortunately some were deceived by the enemy's plots and played a role in their scenario and in the course of such events "some civilians were hurt and some were killed and this is the most unfair treatment of the Iranian nation and the healthy election".

Ahmadinejad said accusing the government and the establishment of "lying and fraud" is a well-recognized method of "psychological warfare."

He added that "despite countless claims they have failed to provide any evidence that undermines the result of the election."
from: http://www.presstv.ir/
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