IMF Asks U.S. to Raise Its Debt Ceiling

Greenback lower today in currency trading

One of the issues that could weigh heavily on the U.S. dollar in currency trading on the FX market is the fact that the debt ceiling has been reached. For now, dollar weakness is due mostly to relief over the Greek austerity vote, and risk appetite.

Later, though, dollar weakness could come as a result of economic problems, and sovereign debt issues. If the U.S. debt ceiling isn't extended again, defaults could begin, and that would be a real problem for the U.S. dollar -- and China isn't likely to ride to our rescue as it is for the euro zone.

In order to prevent another global financial crisis, the IMF has asked the U.S. to raise its debt ceiling. It will be interesting to see what is decided, and whether members of Congress can come to a budget agreement.
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