Lagda Ishq Ho Gaya

Lagda Ishq Ho Gaya, one can feel the fragrance of love from these words. Lagda Ishq Ho Gaya has the beauty of flowing blue water of rivers through the white sand and stones, greenery and white hill tops covered with snow. This is the love story of two young chaps Prince and Raavi. Prince (Roshan Prince) a young boy from Chandigarh goes to Uttranchal and there he meets his dream girl Raavi (Shaveta). Here the love flourishes in the romantic valleys and touches the heights of romance. But their love luck was not favored by destiny. That gives a big blow to their dreams. Dreams get shattered and that is the fate of their love the love fights against the odds and finally gets united. 

Lagda Ishq Ho Gaya Lagda Ishq Ho Gaya Reviewed by Sopheap Chhin on 9:30:00 PM Rating: 5

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