Odipolama - Namitha | Tamil Full Movie

Sanjay is playful guy who gets dream of girl everyday and he wants marry her. One he gets calling letter from Mumbai company he rush to Mumbai. He gets place to stay in Anjali's(Namitha) house as a paying guest. Anjali is Sanjay's dream girl but he comes to know that Anjali married to Subodh so he stopped longing for her. Throughout all the days he comes to know that Anjali not happy with her husband so he made plan to kill subodh and grab Anajli. One day he gets goon's number from his boss and fixed a guy to kill Subodh.But mistakenly he gives his photo to killer. Who get kill in the end? Sanjay's dream fulfill by him? Climax cover the remain story. For more full length tamil movies http://youtube.com/tamilmovies For more full length malayalam movies http://youtube.com/malayalammovies For more full length telugu movies http://youtube.com/tollywood For more full length kannada movies http://youtube.com/drrajvajreshwari Watch tamil and telugu video songs__ http://youtube.com/vegamusicofficial
Odipolama - Namitha | Tamil Full Movie Odipolama - Namitha | Tamil Full Movie Reviewed by Sopheap Chhin on 7:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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