Geneva motor show: Magna Steyr View Top RCZ concept

Magna Steyr, the firm contracted by Peugeot to build the RCZ, has unveiled a unique roof concept at the Geneva motor show using the Peugeot coupé as its base car. The View Top technology aims to offer a driving experience akin to a convertible without the expense or loss of structural rigidity.

The View Top is a sliding folding roof made of fabric with glass panels integrated. The curvature of the glass elements allows them to fit around the roof construction when it's closed. On the RCZ, this allows its 'double-bubble' roof design to remain intact.

Furthermore, it stretches from the top of the windscreen to the boot; Magna Steyr claims this enhances the 'intensive open-air experience.'

Opening the View Top takes 12 seconds and leaves an entirely transparent roof section. The fabric roof folds to a height of 200mm at the base of the rear windscreen and doesn't impact on passenger space.

The View Top system has been inspired by Magna Steyr's MILA concept series, and is the first application of the technology to a production model. Gunther Apfalter, President of Magna Steyr, said the View Top 'demonstrates the unique product design and engineering capabilities that we can deliver to customers.'
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